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The Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia is a voluntary
non profit membership organization that promotes
vegetarianism and the inherent health benefits of a
plant-based eating plan. Our members embrace
vegetarianism because of health reasons, spiritual affiliations, the environment are beliefs in non-violence. We realize we are what we eat and make a connection between preventive, wholistic and traditional practices for total wellness.

Our organization seeks to fill the gaps that exist in
our communities, particularly in meeting and addressing
the concerns of chronic and degenerative diseases.
People of color are disproportionately affected by
hypertension and diabetes.

BVSG serves as a clearing house for information,
resources, and activities for our members and for
those desiring to make the transition to a plant-based
eating plan. Through a variety of exciting and
informative monthly programs such as presentations on
herbs, natural modalities and restaurant outings, we
provide education and support for the vegetarian,
almost vegetarian and the non vegetarian alike. You
don't have to be a full-fledged vegetarian to join
BVSG or attend our programs.

In a New Leaf (BVSG bi-monthly newsletter), we
spotlight a member-owned business, which allows us to
share a part of our family with yours. In addition, we
have a Speakers Bureau where our speakers address a
variety of health-related subjects that can be
tailored for your employ group.

We host a "Healing into Wholeness" lecture series each
year where a prominent speaker deliver the Keynote

Two of our most popular potlucks are- a all Raw Foods
Potluck in the summer and a Vegetarian Harvest Potluck
at the end of the year.

As with most non profit groups, volunteers are the
catalyst of the group and are always needed. BVSG members/volunteers are ultimately responsible for the image and the success of the Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia. We participate in a number of Community Awareness programs via tabling throughout the year at symposiums, health fairs, walks, runs, and expositions.

We invite you and encourage you to get involved!
Volunteering works! Your input and time is needed in
order to continue to grow and develop new and exciting programs.

Don't miss the benefits of annual full-fledged

- Informative monthly programs

- Discounts at over 60 area businesses & coupons
worth more than your membership price

- Subscription, to a New Leaf (6 issues)

To join BVSG, please click here.


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