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Dr. Stephen Tates

There are many "Myths of Fasting." Some of them are listed below:

Myth #1: Fasting is a form of starvation.

Myth #2: Fasting should only be done by people in good health.

Myth #3: Fasting is a great “weight-loss” technique.

Myth #4: If Fasting is carried out correctly, it will actually remove months
and/or years of accumulated waste and poisons stored in the Colon, Liver, and Lymph Glands.

It is important to discard these myths associated with fasting and
concentrate on the true "Art of Fasting". Proper and safe fasting will rebuild and revitalize the entire body.

  1. When starting a Fast, it is important to eat more fruits and salads and
    less starches/carbohydrates or proteins – consuming less and less foods, will help you prepare for your Fast.
  2. When Fasting, take it one day at a time and consume only liquids.
  3. It is essential to increase your water consumption (strive to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily).
  4. Drink organic fruit and/or vegetable juices – freshly squeezed or juiced
    are highly recommended during the Fast.
  5. Increased bowel movement and blood cleansing is essential to a
    successful fast – using Herbs like Senna, Chickweed, Sassafras,
    Ginger, and Blood Cleansing Tonics are a must.
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. When breaking your Fast, transition into eating solids foods gradually. If this step is violated you may defeat the purpose of your Fast, and harm your body.

This is a general overview on Fasting. For a more detailed fasting program please contact our office.

Tates Nutritional Institue
Dr. Stephen Tates N.D., D.H., Dipl. IM
Naturopath, Herbologist & Lifestyle Consultant
(404) 943- 1171

For more information, please contact us at (770) 621-5056

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