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The concept that supports the bio-energetic
evaluation is a marriage between the Chinese model of acupuncture and wellness with modern biofeedback and
physio-feedback technology. Each acupuncture meridian
has specific associations with different aspects of
the body (organs, glands, even teeth). The energy may
be accessed through specific acupuncture points along
each meridian.

Since it is believed that illness appears as a
functional imbalance long before it manifests
physically, it follows that an imbalance at any level
of being -- physical, emotional, or spiritual - will
compromise the quality of one's health. With bio-physio-feedback testing,energetic imbalances can be
detected before they manifest as a physical illness.
Using biofeedback, the maps, which are the stress
blueprint of the body,allow the practitioner to
prioritize protocols for each patient. The ability
to identify stress imbalances at a sub-clinical level
(not yet found with a blood test)provides an ideal
window for preventative stress management.

The BodyScan tests skin resistance, it begins with
a systematic categorization of the relative energy
demand on various systems of the body. It continues by utilizing the micro-frequencies of thousands of substances, while measuring and comparing various electrical aspects of the body's fatigue and stress skin resistance. (The electrical aspects are a
combination of voltage, impedance, and resonance,
together referred to as 'evoked potential') of the
body's fatigue and stress skin and stress skin

BodyScan responds to the body's own messages.
The human body is a complex sensing organism with
innate intelligence capable of processing everything
that enters into its environment. Processing stimuli
thousands of times per second, the body strives to
sustain homeostasis, or balance between systems.

The body's self-regulation of major systems and
sub-systems is critical to our overall well-being.
So remarkable is the body's drive to maintain balance,
even in the face of extreme stress, we are often
unaware of imbalances until the body's coping
mechanisms are overloaded and physical symptoms
manifest themselves. For example, ailments such as
ulcers, migraines, and aching joints don't develop
overnight although they may reveal themselves

The BodyScan taps into the body's data communicating
pathways. By monitoring the body's response to
electrical impulses, it determines energy demands and
assists the practitioner in establishing a treatment
protocol to bring the body back into balance.

This highly individualized approach to wellness opens
new chapter in health science, introducing technology
that bridges the gap between science and complementary medicine.

Bionetics and Balance,Bionetics is the science of
communicating with the human body through electrical
impulse and non-cognitive biofeedback, identifies the
Stress Blueprint of the body. The imbalances in the
Stress Blueprint create the pathway for the
practitioner to aid the patient toward recovery and
optimal wellness.

Ed Bradley, E.A.V. Practitioner, BST, BA, MS, he owns
BodyScan 20/20. He is available for appointments by
calling telephone 404-456-2510.

For more information, please contact us at (770) 621-5056

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