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The Fast-Paced Lifestyle of the 21st Century: The Key to Toxins and Disease
By Tanya Edwards-Molinelli, CHT, CHP

Hormones. Steroids. Antibiotics. Pesticides. Additives. Waxes. Dyes. Preservatives. Colorings. Irradiation. If handed to you on a plate, would you eat them? Most would say no, however unless your diet consists of all organic produce, these ingredients could be finding their way into your body each and every time you eat. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), which consists of meat, dairy, fats, sugars and non-organic fruits and vegetables, is loaded with these ingredients. In an age of high tech, user friendly, fast-paced lifestyles, we are becoming more and more toxic. We need everything now, as evidenced by the rise and success of fast food chains. We are on the run. Our fast paced lifestyles have placed a heavy demand on the farmers of today causing them to have to come up with ways to increase the production and shelf life of fruits, vegetables and meats. How? By injecting chemicals into the meat and spraying our produce.

Although the new technology of today has some great benefits it could also be a leading cause in the increase of fatal diseases like cancer. Our chemically oriented society, contaminated water and polluted air are causing fatigue, increased occurrences of illness, and are causing us to age at an alarming rate. These toxic conditions combined with over-eating, junk food and biochemical waste products cause dead cells, mucus, acids, fatty cells and waste products to form in the body overloading and overworking the eliminative organs of the body. As a result the detoxifying organs (lungs, skin, colon, liver, kidneys) function at less than optimal capacity causing many toxins to remain within the cells of the body. Large toxic loads can especially overwhelm the liver causing toxins to be released into the blood, which are then transported to sensitive tissues, and cells where they interfere with normal organ function. It is thought by many doctors and scientist that degenerative conditions of the heart, kidneys, and colon as well as many common symptoms such as indigestion, headaches, irritability, dizziness, depression, fatigue, arthritis, immune suppression and insomnia may be the result of the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Okay, now that we are clear on where toxins come from, how do we get rid of them? Detoxification is the buzzword of late, which simply means ridding our body of toxins. Unfortunately, the process itself is not so simple and may take years and lots of patience to accomplish. According to Herring’s Law, all diseases retrace their history during the healing process meaning that 1) healing begins deep within and works its way out

2) Healing occurs from the head down 3) Symptoms occur in the reverse order from the way they developed. The basis of this theory causes many to discontinue the detox phase because they think that it is ironically making them sick. However the contrary is true. Herring’ s Law states that depending on your previous diet especially if it’s S.A.D. you may feel worse before you feel better as the toxins are washed from your body. If you are primarily a vegetarian the “healing crisis” of detoxification may be lessened. Patience is key. Just as it took years for your body to become weighted down by toxins and disease, so too will it take years to dissolve and eliminate them from the body.

Here are some key ways to begin the detoxification process:
1. Changing your diet to consist of primarily raw, organic fruits and vegetables
2. Exercise
3. Drinking ½ your body weight in pure water
4. Saunas help to sweat out toxins
5. Fasting gives the body a chance to rest and expend its energy in healing the body
6. Massage helps to push toxins out of the fat cells and tissues.
7. Epsom salt baths or Salt glow body rubs help to draw toxins out
8. Detoxify your mouth by removing mercury from fillings
9. Clean up your air with air purifiers and plants
10. Replace chemical house cleaners with natural alternatives
11. Use natural products on your skin and hair- remember what goes on the skin also goes in the skin
12. Keep your mind free of negative thoughts by limiting the amount of news you watch or headlines you read.
13. Avoid drugs, alcohol and “negative” people
14. Take herbal cleansers and go on long herbal cleansing programs
15. KEEP YOUR COLON CLEAN with Colon hydrotherapy

The colon is the sewer system of the body where toxins are dumped and become stored in the mucoid plaque, which accumulates from years of improper food and incomplete bowel movements on the colon walls. This buildup increases the toxic flow back into the blood stream. Colonics help to flush out stagnate waste from the colon as well as peel away the mucoid plaque from the colon walls. This thereby releases toxins from the body putting less stress on the liver, which in turn increases the amount of cleansed, toxic free blood which flows through the body resulting in a more energetic, rejuvenated and healthier body.

David Wolfe in his book “ the Sunfood Diet Success System” states “detoxification is a skill. This is an unwinding process- seek the best way to unwind yourself out of the old habits. Nurture yourself through this process.”

Tanya is the founder and Director of Holistic Life Center located at 1781B Clairmont Rd. Decatur, Ga (404) 638-6784. She specializes in cleansing and detoxification through colonics, fasting, nutrition. For more info visit their website:

For more information, please contact us at (770) 621-5056

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