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The Art and Science of Iridology

By: Dr. Oba Thomas

Iridology, an ancient healing art, is the science and
practice of analyzing the iris of the eyes for health
purposes, according to the book "What is Iridology",by
Bernard Jensen. Iridology is the study of the
pigmentation, texture and changes that occur in the
iris. Diseases such as multiple sclerosis, kidney
disease and other illnesses often appear in the eyes
before they show up elsewhere in the body, or they may
be present only in the iris of the eyes.

The iris, which is the most complex tissue structure
in the human body, is the colored part of the eye, and
is world unto itself. Through iridology the trained
and experienced iridologist can detect abnormal and
inflamed tissue conditions; toxin-laden organs,
metabolic and nutritional imbalances and the overall
state of an individual long before any changes occur
in the blood or urine chemistry. Iridology, however,
does not diagnose disease.

The iridology chart, used in the examination of the
eyes, is a help aid that is key to analyzing the
health condition of the body. It is a map of the
reflex areas of the iris, which show the locations,
and outlines of the various parts of the human
The redesigned iridology chart, used by many
iridologists today, was designed by Dr. Bernard
Jensen, one of the forerunners in iridology research.

Iridologists are only beginning to understand the full potential of iridology, which is much greater than was assumed in the past. The amount of information available in the iris is incredible and iridologists have managed to translate only a small portion of this "body language".

Iridology can detect: Constitutional Strength - the
strength of the natural immune system; Inherent
weaknesses- slow absorption of nutrients and an
ineffiencient ability to get rid of waste; Lesions;
lacunae, crypts- acute, subacute, chronic and
degenerative conditions; Drug settlements- indicating
problems in tissue where drugs reside; Acidity- an
over acidic condition; Nerve Rings- indicating stress; Lymphatic Rosary- determining lymphatic congestion; Scurf Rim- indicative of skin that is under active and does not eliminate properly; Cholesterol/Calcium Ring- indicating hardening of the arteries; Radi Solaris- showing toxic material from the bowel being transmitted through the blood to other organs;
Diverticula- the presence of bowel packets that
impacted with fecal material and can also be the
source of low-grade infection.

Interpreting the above conditions requires training
and practice by a skilled iridologist. However there
are a number of conditions that cannot be revealed
through the iris. The iris does not reveal; length of
life, psychic readings, diseases, pregnancy,
gallstones, kidney stones, or the need for surgery.

The eyes are not only the windows to the soul, but
also the window to preventative care and good health.

Dr. G.Oba Thomas is a Chiropractor in Southwest
Atlanta. He can be reached at 678.427 8061

The center provides counseling on herbs & vitamins,
nutrition, iridology examinations, and chiropractic


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