We start with organic flaxseed, grown north of the 53rd parallel. We then cold mill the flax for digestibility (bio-availability), using our own special flaking process that breaks up the seed, yet leaves the oil within the seed. 

Guaranteed fresh: Our flax is milled directly into light-proof pouches, then immediately vacuum packed. Once you've opened the package, simply reseal and store in the fridge to maintain maximum freshness.

Northern Edge Whole Milled Flaxseed combines the benefits obtained from consuming flaxseed oil, fibre products, lignan and mucilage (soluble fibre), and high quality protein all in one complete wholesome product as nature intended.

Once package of Northern Edge Whole Milled Flaxseed contains a minimum of:
  • 180 g flax oil
  • 118 g fibre and mucilage
  • 94 g protien (including all of the essential amino acids)
  • 18 g minerals (including boron) -3.2 g potassium
  • over 350 mb lignan

To purchase Flaxseed from the Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia, please click here.


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